Lesson Plans


Minimal! A quick read-through of a lesson will suffice. Occasionally, minor preparation of project materials is required and specific directions are provided.

Length of Lessons

To allow for flexible scheduling, each lesson can be taught in approximately 30-60 minutes (exclusive of lesson extensions).

The Lesson Template

Each easy to follow lesson includes:

  • a list of required images and project materials
  • a bullet point introduction highlighting facts about the artist within a cultural and historical context
  • definitions of pertinent vocabulary and phonetic pronunciations
  • interactive discussion questions about the work of art with suggested responses
  • simple directions to guide students through a related art project
  • an art project designed to be fun and relevant to students’ lives
  • follow-up questions to encourage students to reflect upon the creative process, enhancing understanding
  • lesson extensions with activities to further integrate each Dive Into Art® lesson with various language arts, math, science, and social studies curricula
  • a list of book selections and extensive reference information for those interested in learning more about the artist

Download Sample Lesson