The award-winning Dive Into Art® program will inspire your students to look at the world with renewed curiosity.

A Dive Into Art program:

  • complements existing fine arts curricula and extends learning beyond the
    classroom walls
  • offers maximum flexibility, with lessons that are fun and easy to teach within
    a 30-60 minute time frame, to accommodate your schedule
  • meets a broad spectrum of common core and state curriculum standards through a multi-disciplinary approach to learning
    that builds self-confidence and encourages mastery of important life skills
    such as:

    • communication
    • creativity
    • critical thinking
    • problem solving
    • teamwork
    • perseverance
  • accommodates myriad learning styles and levels of ability
    and invites students to creatively express their life experiences
  • includes lesson extensions offering opportunities to integrate
    each artist with language arts, math, science, social studies,
    and music curricula
  • provides extensive resources allowing further in-depth inquiry and study

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