The award-winning Dive Into Art® program will prove to be a treasured asset within your community.


Inspire generations of students with a program that:

  • distinguishes your school as a champion of arts education and provides an ongoing legacy of art enrichment within your community
  • meets a broad spectrum of common core and state curriculum standards through a multi-disciplinarily approach to learning that builds self-confidence and encourages mastery of important life skills such as:
    • communication
    • creativity
    • critical thinking
    • problem solving
    • teamwork
    • perseverance
  • accommodates myriad learning styles and levels of ability and invites students to creatively express life experiences
  • allows for flexible scheduling and can be easily incorporated into the school day
  • strengthens partnerships between home and school communities and transcends barriers of race, religion, culture, economics, and language

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After School / Camp Directors

Enrich your curriculum with a program that:

  • provides fun and easy lessons accommodating volunteers and counselors with various teaching experience
  • adds depth to creative projects by introducing the world of art history
  • offers opportunities to extend learning to academic disciplines, as well as suggestions for activities within your community

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In an effort to provide equal access to the world of art history to all students Dive Into Art:

  • offers detailed information on raising funds to implement and sustain a DIA program
  • donates a portion of its profits to make the program available to low income and at-risk communities