Mar 24

Breaking News in Epic Art Heist!

It took 23 years, but investigators now claim they know who made off with $500 million in artwork from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. However, the authorities are keeping the identities of the nefarious villains a secret as the chase to recover the artwork continues. What’s more? There is a $5 million reward on the line! Continue reading

Feb 26

Art and the Jury Pool

Jury duty…everyone dreads that mailing. On my third day treading water in the jury pool—a large waiting room in which strangers became bound by the common experiences of stifling heat, boredom, and anxiety— I began a conversation with a chemical engineer who humorously claimed his job is to watch paint dry. When he inquired about my job, he suddenly became very enthusiastic and began reminiscing about an art class he had taken many years ago when he was in school. Continue reading

Oct 2

Is The World’s Next Picasso Sitting Beside You?

So many of us who raise and work with children often wonder what a particular child will do when he/she grows up. Not often do we think of a child becoming a famous artist. Yet, art is an essential part of every aspect of contemporary life whether a child pursues a career in art, business, or becomes a NASA engineer. Continue reading

May 23

Havana’s Biennial, A Vessel of Hope?

The Ship of Tolerance created by internationally renown artists, Ilya and Emilia Krabakov, has found a new port in Havana, Cuba!

Growing up in the former Soviet Union, Ilya and Emilia Krabakov dreamed of a future of peace and freedom. With the help of thousands of children across the globe, Ilya and Emilia Krabakov are realizing their dreams. Continue reading

Feb 10

New Year’s Resolution #1001…Exercise Your Imagination

Did you make a New Year’s resolution vowing to exercise for better health? So many people begin each year with great aspirations. Did you also resolve to be more creative? I have been thinking how essential it is to exercise one’s imagination, which I’ve decided is like a muscle and needs to be continually worked to remain in peak condition. Continue reading

Nov 10

An Apple a Day…iPad® Art on the Cutting Edge

Disproving any thoughts that the older generation can’t keep up with the latest technologies, David Hockney, at age 74, continues to stride along the cutting edge of the art world. Since the release of the iPad by Apple Inc in April 2010, Hockney once again challenges us to consider the boundaries of the art realm using a new iPad app called Brushes. Continue reading

May 3

What Does Art History Have To Do With People Magazine?

To some, art history can sound terribly dull at first pass. Many think of art history as primarily studying the work of dead white guys. In fact, members of my own family have been known to groan at the mere suggestion of going to an art museum. “Art, Mom, really?” Whereas attending a sporting event or anything to do with vehicles might have received resounding cheers. Can you tell I have sons? How did art history get such a bad reputation anyway? Continue reading

Apr 20

Psssst…it’s Time to Dive Into Art!

Often many of us contemplate the myriad choices of meaningful experiences for our children and students. Making the best use of time is always paramount. Our schedules are busier than ever, therefore we want to choose wisely. What will be fun? What will spark an interest or a talent? What will teach an important life skill? What will inspire creativity? What will build a larger sense of community? Continue reading