The Dive Into Art Story

A cup of coffee one fall morning between two mothers sparked a wonderful synergy and led to a surge of community enthusiasm. Lynda Przedpelski and Anne Taggart developed an art appreciation program for their sons’ elementary schools. The program’s effectiveness and rapid growth led to an NJPTA Arts in Education Award and recognition by local foundations. Inspired by overwhelming encouragement from the local community, and after extensive research and development, Lynda and Anne commercially launched the Dive Into Art program.

Company Vision

Dive Into Art, LLC strives to:

  • partner with public leaders and organizations to minimize the achievement gap by providing exceptional arts education to communities in NJ and beyond
  • advocate for equal access to the world of art
  • enhance the Dive Into Art program and hopes to create interactive lessons in various world languages and online

About Us

Lynda Przedpelski

Lynda Przedpelski earned a BA from Furman University. In addition to a diverse career in marketing, she has also worked with local non-profit organizations advocating for the arts and education. Lynda lives with her husband and four sons in New Jersey.

Anne Taggart

Anne Taggart has a dual master’s degree in Museum Education and Special Education from Bank Street College of Education, with a background in Art History, Fine and Decorative Arts, and Asian Studies. She has worked in galleries, an auction house, and sold high-end English furniture in New York City. Anne lives in New Jersey with her two sons.